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603 United

Summer Tryout FAQ

Why should you tryout for 603 United Volleyball Club?

There are a number of reasons why you should tryout at 603 United Volleyball Club!

  • 603 United Volleyball Club enters its third season of existence after long-time NH clubs Latitude 42 and Great Bay merged. This brought together resources, (2) fantastic facilities, and hundreds of years of coaching experience.
  • 603 United offers variety of teams and experiences for all skill levels and interests – everything from elite travel teams to weekly skill development sessions. We anticipate having team offerings for ages 12-18 this season and skill sessions for ages 5-17.
  • New to the 2022-23 season! University of New Hampshire Volleyball Head Coach, Chris Feliciano, will be joining 603 United Volleyball Club as our Technical Director. What does this mean? Enhanced coach and player development and a strong relationship with one of only two Division 1 programs in New Hampshire.
  • Our focus is on player development. Whether that is preparing them to make a high school team, go on to play in college, or help them develop skills for the “real world”, our coaches take the time to learn about their players, their goals, and where they want to go.
  • Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what parents and players have said about their experience at 603:
    • “My daughter learned a lot and her coach and teammates were very helpful and kind. She can’t wait for next season!”
    • “I loved the connection between the girls and between the coaches. Our team got along so well, it was so fun!”
    • “Great communications between coach and parents, excellent rapport with the girls and good balance of New England and travel tournaments.”
    • “The best experience we’ve ever had with a team.”
    • “We saw so much growth as a team and among individual players.”
    • “I enjoyed watching my daughter’s team grow and form friendships.”

Are there any changes planned for the 2022-23 season?

Yes! Based on parent, player, and coach feedback, we have several changes for the 2022-23 season.

  • As mentioned above, UNH Head Coach Chris Feliciano will be joining 603 United Volleyball Club this season as our Technical Director. He will be helping with player and coach development throughout the season.
  • Weekend practices for open teams will have dedicated position specific skill development time with other open teams and players.
  • Regional teams will play in the AAU New England circuit instead of playing in the NERVA circuit.
  • Club teams will practice twice a week instead of only once a week.
  • We will offer (2) 8 week training academy sessions instead of (1) 10 week session.

Why were open tryouts moved to August?

Great question! This decision was made for several reasons.

  • The open teams’ tournament schedule begins very quickly in December/January so November tryouts were prohibiting us from being able to register the teams for their appropriate tournaments and get their gear in on time.
  • It allows open teams to start practicing earlier in November instead of waiting until December, giving them more preparation for their early tournaments.
  • This will reduce the number of players coaches are evaluating all at once enabling coaches to make better decisions and the players getting more quality touches.
  • Other clubs have started moving their tryouts to August and in order to maintain a competitive open program, we needed to as well.
  • This reduces the stress for players looking to make an open team as they now can go into their middle school or high school season without worrying about club tryouts and what team to make.

When are tryouts?

  • Sunday, August 7 at New England Sports Center (formerly SportZone) in Derry, NH 10-3
    • 14 Open, 17 Open and 18 Open from 10am - 12pm
    • 15 & 16 Open from 1pm - 3pm
  • Tuesday, August 9 at The Rim Sports Complex in Hampton, NH 4-9
    • 14 Open, 17 Open and 18 Open from 7pm - 9pm
    • 15 & 16 Open from 4pm - 6pm

What teams can I try out for in August?

  • 18 Open
  • 17 Open
  • 16 Open
  • 15 Open
  • 14 Open

What do I need to do in order to be eligible to tryout?

What does open mean?

603 United Volleyball offers a variety of team competition levels.

  • Open – the most competitive level of play. Open teams practice three times a week and will play throughout New England and have multiple tournaments outside of New England. Open teams will run from November through May.
  • Regional – regional teams practice twice a week and play all of their tournaments within New England. Regional teams will run from December through May.
  • Club – club teams practice twice a week and will only play in the NERVA circuit, (5) ½ day tournaments that are local. Club teams will run from January through May.
  • Training Academy – a weekly training session focused on the development of skills and fundamentals. Training academy runs for 8 weeks.

Do I have to attend both tryouts to be considered for a team?


What happens if I can only make one tryout session or can’t make any but want to be considered for an open team?

Please contact 603 United Volleyball at and we can talk through options with you.

After tryouts when can I expect to hear about whether I made a team or not?

We will do our best to communicate all decisions within a week. Please note that it takes time to talk with families and receive confirmations from families so we will move as fast as we can.

What kind of offers can be expected from the summer tryout?

There are multiple types of offers players may receive:

  • Black Offer: player receives a guaranteed spot on one of our open teams
  • Blue Offer: player receives a guaranteed spot on one of our regional teams with an option for open depending on circumstances
  • Silver Offer: we cannot guarantee a spot on one of the open or regional teams at this time, but we would love for you to return to tryouts in the fall (you do not need to pay again but will need to inform us if they plan on returning for tryouts).

What does it mean to receive a black offer?

A black offer means that the player has received a guaranteed spot on one of our open teams. Once the player accepts the offer and pays the deposit, they will be on that open team and we will begin collecting their information to order their gear.

What does it mean to receive a blue offer?

A blue offer indicates that at this time we cannot guarantee a spot on our open team but we can guarantee a spot on one of our regional teams. Depending on open team needs and player commitments, there can be a spot come available on an open team at a later date and blue offers would receive first consideration for that spot. If an open spot does not become available, they will be on one of our regional teams and will be asked to return to tryouts in the fall to help complete the team building process (do not need to re-register or pay for tryouts again).

What does it mean to receive a silver offer?

A silver offer indicates that at this time, we cannot guarantee the player a spot on one of our open or regional teams. We encourage the player to return for tryouts in November to be considered for one of our regional or club teams. The player does not have to pay the tryout fee again but will need to inform us if they plan on returning for tryouts.

How long do I have to accept an offer?

48 hours from the time you are talked to by a 603 United director or coach.

If I choose to accept the offer, what are next steps?

You will need to confirm verbally or in writing with a 603 United director or coach and then pay a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to reserve your spot.

Why do we need to pay a deposit if we accept a roster spot?

The deposit will go towards registering teams for their tournaments and ordering the player gear (uniforms, warmups, bags, etc.) so they have it in time for their first tournament.

When will the team’s practices be?

The practice schedule will be made after tryouts, however open teams practice three times a week: twice during the week and once on Sunday. Practices will begin in November for open teams. Open teams can expect at least one practice a week at both New England Sports Center in Derry and The Rim in Hampton. The third practice will be scheduled to be with other teams at similar levels, around the coaches’ availability, and by looking at where players will be traveling from.

Where can we find the team’s tournament schedule, coach, etc?

Open coaches will be finalized at tryouts (we have to adhere to the NHIAA’s coaching out of season policy for high school coaches), but a list of open coaches, tournament schedule, and pricing can be found on our website.

What teams can I try out for in November?

  • 18/17 Regional
  • 16 Regional
  • 16 Club
  • 15 Regional
  • 15 Club
  • 14 Regional
  • 14 Club
  • 13 Regional
  • 12 Regional

When will tryouts be in November?

Tryouts will be after the high school season ends in the beginning of November. More details will be communicated out in October.